This video game trailer how much video games have evolved since the days of Sega and Nintendo, where video games can have a film-like trailer to sell their product. That’s the power of technology these days where video games can express as much as film and TV.


Day 2

2nd official day on wordpress. I know I’m blagging a bit but hold on, I will soon have much more interesting stuff to post, bare with me please!

Getting started!

This is my first official post on this blog, going to use this a lot more now. I’d like to start off by saying what kind of things I will be posting, now since I study Media Studies, my blog will mainly consist of the media surrounding us: Movies, TV, Video Games, Radio, Internet, News etc. Each post will bear significance to the media surrounding us and how it presents many symbols, symbolising the current world and its affair with media, how it influences and how we let it influence us.

First post…. Check

Confidence… Check

Looking Smart… Check