Rise of the internet meme!

The elephant in the room… well on the computer screen anyway! Internet memes have been around for a while now, ranging from the one I have attached to this post to posts such as: former FC Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola pinching his fingers together with the caption reading, “THIS LITTLE the amount of success Real Madrid have had since I arrived”. This is the general rule of internet memes, it can be true or false but just has to be ironic and funny. There are thousands of internet memes being churned out each day with current events serving the topic of a brand new internet meme. Internet memes have come along so far that there are internet memes criticising INTERNET MEMES!… Aaaahhhh what a world we live in.


This video game trailer how much video games have evolved since the days of Sega and Nintendo, where video games can have a film-like trailer to sell their product. That’s the power of technology these days where video games can express as much as film and TV.