Review: Playstation 4

I finally got my hands on a PlayStation 4 on launch day! While I was visibly excited just seeing the shiny box it came in, I couldn’t wait to open it up, plug it in and see what it could do. The sheer speed of the set up was fantastic, I was thinking it might take a while for it to set up before I could play a game, but I was wrong, within 10 minutes I was winning in a game of FIFA 14. The machine is powerful yet quiet, you could hear a pin drop, is how quiet this machine is, it is also very small and light compared to the launch edition of the PS3 I had. It is also a nice thing to look at (as far as consoles go), the two tone black colour is a nice touch and the slanted design makes it imposing within my bedroom. I am still waiting for one more game to come in the post, but so far I am not disappointed! 10/10