Star Wars Episode VII

So recently, Disney bought the rights of Star Wars from George Lucas, and their plans to restart the franchise with a brand new film planned to be released in 2015… Now the die-hard fans are split down the middle, with reactions ranging from happiness at the release of a new film, “Yay, can’t wait! It’s gonna be awesome”… Yeah, a bit too excited there. Other reactions are enraged that their beloved franchise is being exploited and used to reel in the cash, “can’t believe Disney have the nerve to do this, it’s unbelievable”, well you better believe it honey, cos it’s happening… in 2015. I don’t know about you but I’m puzzled about Disney’s motives here, are they doing this to please the people? or just exploiting a beloved franchise just to reel in the money?… yeah, it’s probably the latter option… Anyways enough negativity, I’ll still be watching it, grew up watching all the films so why not? How bad can it be? Did I just jinx it? Is the whole idea of ‘reboots’ a bit pastiche now?