Console Wars: Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One

The PS4 was released in North America last Friday, a European release follows on the 29th, while the Playstation’s main competitor, the Xbox One was released worldwide today. The PS4 was released with record breaking sales, crossing the 1 million mark within a few days, while the Xbox was also greeted with similar encouragement. There are limited launch games available at the moment, with many more titles coming soon to follow in 2014, such as; Watch Dogs, Driveclub (a PS4 exclusive), The Crew etc. Both consoles have received a generally positive response from the professionals and gamers at home, however the full potential is yet to be realised as we need the full array of titles to determine the better console. The PS4 is aimed at a more hardcore gamer’s audience, while the Xbox One is aimed to be a more all-in-one entertainment system. What is certain for now is that next generation gaming is here… well, nearly!